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How to survive a horseriding t

Höfundur: Eva Mueller

This is the ultimate guide to the crazy-glorious undertaking known as a Horseriding Tour in Iceland. Here you will find all you need to know about chasing through the Icelandic Highland on horseback. You will learn about the horses and about the horse people that you are likely to meet. You will find advice on how to cope with the weather (just ignore it), how to deal with sore limbs and a sore bum (just ignore them), and how to overcome the occasional sense of general confusion (just ign… oh, never mind!) Whether you’re a bewildered novice or a seasoned addict – this book will be your trusty companion. And don’t forget: Never call them ponies.

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Innbundin 92 2014 Verð 1.860 kr.
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