Ragnar Axelsson is an Icelandic photographer and photojournalist, born in 1958. He has worked for the Icelandic newspaper Morgunblaðið since 1976 and as a freelance shooting projects in various parts of the world for numerous magazines and agencies. The North has for a long time fascinated him and different aspects of the north appeared in his photography regularily.

In 2004, he published Faces of the North, a collection of his black and white photographs of traditional ways of life in Iceland, the Faroes and Greenland taken over a period of fifteen years, preserving that way a glimpse of a lifestyle that is gradually vanishing.

His newest publication Last Days of the Arctic is a breathtaking introduction to a life of Greenlandic hunters in the most remote communities in the world. Professor Mark Nuttall, a leading Arctic scholar, wrote the foreword for the book, which in a sincere and simple way represents the part of world that we now see changing.