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Memories from Iceland

Höfundur: Lárus Guðmundsson

This book is made from an idea by Lárus Guðmundsson. Lárus is a former professional footballer who played both for the Icelandic National Team  and abroad – in the eighties with teams in Belgium and Germany. Durings his sporting career Lárus travelled widely, but over time many memories from the interesting places he had seen began to fade. And that gave him the idea of making a book for visitors to Iceland, where they could both enjoy beautiful pictures from popular tourist destinations, while also keeping a personal journal which would keep their memories fresh for all time.


Verð 990 kr.

Gerð SíðurÚtgáfuárVerðMagn
Innbundin - 2014 Verð 990 kr.
Vörunúmer: Á ekki við

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