Baby key word signing is a method of communication originally developed for students with speech and developmental impairment. The method is based on the animated key word symbols that are used in a meaningful way, by MiMi, to support speech. The symbols are made from natural gestures, facial expressions plus symbols from sign languages. The focus is mainly on representing a key word for each sentence. Key word signing is for people of all ages who have speech and language disorders from other origins then deafness. In recent years it has become apparent that the method is useful in a multicultural environment such as kindergartens and schools. The method is language stimulating for all young children and safe to encourage parents and teachers of young children to use key word signing as a fun language stimulation technique that helps them develop at a great pace.

"The MiMi books are great to bring our language development for all young children, although they do not have delayed language development. There are concepts and vocabulary taught using key word signing with speech that are particularly important to bridge the gaps in the expression of those children who do not express themselves in the same way as their peers do."

-Bryndís Guðmundsdóttir - speech therapist.

"Finally fantastic books that all parents who are interested in language stimulation should read and learn with their children. Just the books I would have wanted to have on hand when I was teaching my son baby key word signing. The books are set up in a simple and entertaining way, and demonstrate that it is not complicated to learn the key word signing. )"

- Thelma Þorbergsdóttir, mother of Kristófer.