Snúlla finnst gott – ensk

Gerð ÚtgáfuárSíðurVerðMagn
Innbundin 2019 25 1.490 kr.

Snúlla finnst gott – ensk

1.490 kr.

Snulli likes being alone
Gerð ÚtgáfuárSíðurVerðMagn
Innbundin 2019 25 1.490 kr.

Um bókina

Helen Cova was 18 years old when she discovered that her solitude was not bad at all. She decided to leave everything behind and travel on her own. It was in one of these trips when she met Icelandic boy Davíð Stefánsson. At that time she was a curious, artistic and playful 23 years old young woman and he was a brilliant, fun, experimenter 6 years old boy. Against all odds there grew among them a beautiful friendship. Helen and Davíð were inseparable. Without having a language in common they were able to communicate, play and create together. That’s why when Helen came up with the idea of writing this book, the perfect person to make the illustrations was her dear friend Davíð. She was 25 years old and he was 9 years old when they made this book.


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