Höfundar: Ingi Gunnar Jóhannsson, Wolfgang Cohnen

A surprise City!

This practical sized and handy book of photographs can serve as a tool for an exciting journey though Iceland’s cool Capital.

The first Norse Vikings to settle in Iceland, in the 9th century AD, made their home in the westernmost part of the island on a picturesque peninsula they named Reykjavík. The name simply means „Smoky Bay“, referring to the steam clouds they saw rising from hot springs in the area.

Reykjavík, however, didn´t develop into a town until much later. Clusters of houses sprung up around Tjörnin, or the Pond, in the middle og the 18th century, and now, more than 250 years later, this provincial town has grown into the country´s largest city.

It´s really worth strolling around in Reykjavík – enjoying what this quaint and vibrant city has to offer.