About Forlagid

Forlagið, Iceland‘s leading publishing house, has a history dating back to 1937. Among our authors we number some of the country’s most successful and critically acclaimed writers, including Iceland‘s only Nobel Laureate, Halldór Laxness.

Forlagið publishes around 150 titles per year under five imprints in a variety of genres, ranging over Icelandic and translated fiction, poetry, non-fiction, children‘s books, illustrated and lifestyle books, as well as producing our own cartography. We take great pride in our work. With our extensive in-house experience we have enjoyed great success with our list of Icelandic literature as well as numerous foreign translations. Our authors, translators, editors, and marketing team have done their share to shape the literary taste of readers in Iceland.

In recent years we have published international authors such as Orhan Pamuk, Gabriel García Márquez, Sofi Oksanen, Günter Grass, Imre Kertész, Eka Kurniawan, Pierre Lemaitre, Khaled Hosseini, Michel Houllebecq, Yuval Noah Harari, Arundhati Roy, Roy Jakobson, Jo Nesbø, Patrick Modiano, Maja Lunde, Isabel Allende, Kristin Hannah, Bernhard Schlink, Robert Galbraith, Lee Child, Astrid Lindgren, Philip Pullman, Gunilla Bergström, and Jonas Jonasson, to name just a few. You will find a list of our excellent Icelandic authors here: Forlagid Rights Agency.

For general inquiries, please contact forlagid@forlagid.is.

For submissions of foreign manuscripts and titles please email acquisitions editor Elin Edda Palsdottir (elin@forlagid.is)

Check out Forlagið’s bookstore, Fiskislóð 39, Reykjavík.

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