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50 crazy romantic Things to do in Iceland

Höfundar: Snæfríður Ingadóttir, Þorvaldur Örn Kristmundsson

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· Swim with the seals · Make a love spell · Fight with the ghosts · Steal a kiss behind a waterfall · Sleep in a turf hut · State your vows like the Vikings · Get deep together · Play the gift game

Icelanders are known for all kinds of crazy and eccentric activities, which you can learn about in the first book of this series, 50 Crazy Things To Do In Iceland. Here, you get to know about the romantic side (oh yes, they have one), of the inhabitants of this rocky little island in the Atlantic Ocean.

Snæfríður Ingadóttir is a well-known journalist who’s written countless articles about Iceland’s people and culture and travelling in the Land of Fire and Ice. With her keen eye for life’s peculiar side and sharp wit she introduces you to 50 of the country´s most surprising and romantic activities, beautifully captured by photographer Þorvaldur Örn Kristmundsson.

For Icelanders, it is pretty normal to swim in the Atlantic Ocean or eat a fermented skate, but the general tourist would probably think of it as the perfect psychosis. To have sexual intercourse with elves is more unusual, and what would a normal person think of donating a precious object to the Icelandic Phallus Museum?

When author, Snæfríður Ingadóttir, is asked about the idea, she says that she always wanted to make a tourist book which was light and entertaining. When she herself is a tourist, she does not want to do what every other tourist does – she personally likes to do what locals do. In her Crazy book series, she points out what is obvious and natural to all Icelanders, but to the guests-eye might seem rather crazy . Lots of crazy stuff can be done in Iceland.

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