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Absolutely Iceland

Höfundur: Ingi Gunnar Jóhannsson

Have you ever driven a snow-scooter on the glacier, taken a Super-Jeep Safari through the wilderness or tried your luck fishing in the
North-Atlantic Ocean?
These are only a few of the adventurous activities presented in this little book of photographs, which gives you a real good glimpse into the world of various outdoor activities possible in the land of fire and ice.

Iceland is not only a country of beautiful landscapes and great sceneries. It also offers visitors the chance to experience Nature in a very special way – by taking an active part in all kinds of crazy adventures!

This book really shows you how to experience Iceland!

Verð 499 kr.

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Mjúkspjalda 48 2012 Verð 499 kr.
Vörunúmer: Á ekki við

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Sendingargjald: Frá 590 kr.

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