Guide to the hiking trail between Landmannalaugar and Þórsmörk, usually called Laugavegur.

Laugavegur is without a doubt the most popular hiking trail in the Icelandic highlands. The reason for its popularity is understandable as it is unusual to find so much variety in any landscape, anywhere in the world. The trail passes mountains in all colours of the rainbow, high glaciers, noisy hot spring, wide rivers, lakes and ice caves, all on a single hiking route.

Some who hike the Laugavegur want to spend the nights in cabins, others in tents. Some run the trail in one day while others take at least four days and search out beautiful and magnificent places which can be found within a short distance from each part of the trail.

The authors of this guide book are Leifur Þorsteinsson, a biologist and Guðjón Ó. Magnússon, a geographer.