This book is designed to help you participate in the Icelandic knitting tradition and make your own Lopapeysa, the Icelandic traditional wool sweater.

Here you can find simple knitting patterns for children and adults which enable you to choose between several variations of sweaters. Basic knitting knowledge is required, such as cast on and off, knit and purl, circular knitting, increase, decrease and using two or more colors. Included is a special worksheet which can help you keep all the information for your knitting in one place, such as size, knitting gauge, pattern chart, colors, rib stitch and so forth.

The book contains two knitting patterns, one for children from the age of 2-10 years old and the other for sizes XS-XXL. The simplified patterns allow you to choose colors, rib and pattern charts to suit your tastes and style. They are intended to evoke your imagination and creativity, guide you on how to knit by your own ideas and how to change knitting patterns at will. The goal is to make your experience of knitting and creating your very own Lopapeysa, fun and enjoyable.

Happy knitting!