Þú ert hér://Into the North: Live well, eat well – the Icelandic way

Into the North: Live well, eat well – the Icelandic way

Höfundar: Gísli Egill Hrafnsson, Inga Elsa Bergþórsdóttir

This book is both a personal cookbook and a culinary saga of Iceland, told through recipes that give the reader a glimpse into the daily hardships and unique history that have shaped the cuisine of the country over the last 1,100 years.

Some of the recipes in this book have roots in traditions that go back many centuries while others are more recent additions to the family recipe collection, inspired by locally and seasonally available ingredients in Iceland.

The book is richly illustrated, not only with photographs demonstrating food-preparation and cooking techniques but with a spectacular gallery of nature and landscape photographs. The reader is invited to take a tour through the changing seasons, roam the green meadows of the countryside, escape into the naked wilderness, climb glaciers and volcanoes, and sail the rough seas that surround Iceland.

The authors, Inga Elsa Bergþórsdóttir and Gísli Egill Hrafnsson, share their love, passion and experience of food and nature with the reader through recipes, food history and family lore.

Verð 3.390 kr.

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Innbundin 165 2012 Verð 3.390 kr.
Vörunúmer: Á ekki við

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Sendingargjald: Frá 590 kr.

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  1. Elín Pálsdóttir

    „One of the standouts in recent cookbook releases.“
    Iceland Review

  2. Elín Pálsdóttir

    „… captures the extraordinary otherworldliness of the Icelandic landscape …“
    Lonely Planet Magazine

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