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Trolls’ Cathedral

Höfundur: Ólafur Gunnarsson

Sigurbjorn is an architect with big dreams. In the spring of 1953, he is busy planning Iceland’s first department store. However, when the structure is finished and the store is about to open, his 12-year old son is lured inside by a stranger, beaten and sexually assaulted.

This work chronicles how this devastating event acts like a cancer on the lives of those it touches. Sigurbjorn’s world disintegrates with gathering speed as he questions his faith, his friendships and his marriage. Then, having lost his business, he plummets into the abyss of mental breakdown.

Ólafur Gunnarsson was born in Reykjavík in 1948. He has written poetry, short stories and children’s books but is best known for his novels. With his highly acclaimed trilogy Trolls’ Cathedral (1992), Potter’s Field (1996) and Winter Journey (1999), he has earned a place among the major realists in Icelandic letters.

The first two novels have been translated into English and his novella Gaga was published in Canada as early as 1988. His historical novel The Axe and the Earth (2003) has received unanimous praise and was awarded the Icelandic Literary Prize in 2003.

Frá 1.380 kr.

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Mjúkspjalda 289 2014 Verð 2.685 kr.
Mjúkspjalda - 2002 Verð 1.380 kr.
Vörunúmer: Á ekki við

Sækja í verslun: Frítt

Sendingargjald: Frá 590 kr.

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6 umsagnir um Trolls’ Cathedral

  1. Elín Pálsdóttir

    „A homespun picture of Icelandic life in flux is the result, tradition falling prey to modernity, values in chaos … the characters emerge with clarity to serve a theme both grand and simple.“
    Mail on Sunday

  2. Elín Pálsdóttir

    „One reads this novel with intense emotional involvement and a feeling of awe.“
    Sophia Willems / Westdeutsche Zeitung

  3. Elín Pálsdóttir

    „A dramatic family saga! Ólafur Gunnarsson describes Iceland’s journey towards modernity in a perfectly unsparing, eloquent and, at the same time, accessible style!“
    Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

  4. Elín Pálsdóttir

    „The thrill of this great novel lies in the tension between two different poles: the egocentric personality of the father and the lost personality of the son.“
    Berliner Zeitung

  5. Elín Pálsdóttir

    „This skillfully plotted Icelandic novel portrays the conflicts that first energize and then threaten to destroy a Reykjavík family.“
    Kirkus Reviews

  6. Elín Pálsdóttir

    „A close cousin to Ibsen’s Master Builder.“

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