Höfundar: Rakel Pálsdótir, Jón Jónsson

From the beginning of time, one of the chief points of interest among young men and women has been how to influence members of the opposite sex and inspire in them the desire for intimate acquaintance. And when all of the conventional means for attracting the opposite sex have failed, some would-be lovers have been tempted to employ magic in an attempt to engage the assistance of hidden powers and mobilise the forces of nature on their behalf.

This book contains a selection of love charms from all over Europe, together with a few amusing stories about them. Some of these stories are based on historical references, while others are full-blown folk tales.

This book is meant to be a source of entertainment, and readers are advised to approach the charms it contains with great care.


The publisher does not certify that these charms work. Neither does he certify that they do not.