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The Hungry Fox

Höfundar: Njörður P. Njarðvík, Karl Jóhann Jónsson

A hungry fox is wandering around a small lake in a town looking for something to eat. He meets various animals which he tries to catch. The fox’s attempts to hunt them down go comically wrong, however, as they all have their own wily ways to escape. The little girl Sara points out to him that he shouldn’t really even be in a town; he ought to go to the mountains in the north, an ideal place for foxes, where he should have a much better life.

Njörður P. Njarðvík sympathetically tells the story of a fox who has lost his way, a story beautifully envisioned with the illustrations of Karl Jóhann Jónsson.

Verð 1.485 kr.

Gerð SíðurÚtgáfuárVerðMagn
Mjúkspjalda 28 2016 Verð 1.485 kr.
Vörunúmer: Á ekki við

Sækja í verslun: Frítt

Sendingargjald: Frá 590 kr.

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