Höfundar: Bergljót Arnalds, Terry Gunnell þýddi

Tilly and Time is the perfect book to teach children how to tell the time. In the story, a clever little girl called Tilly meets Time himself. All the clocks come to life, and even go on strike!

This fun tale introduces every hour, half hour, quarter hour, minutes, midnight, etc. In keeping with the times, the clocks in the book are both digital and traditional clocks. In the back of the book there are questions and further explanations.

Bergljót Arnalds has written a number of best-selling children’s books, including the much-loved story The Most Amazing Alphabet Tale and the Christmas tale The Thirteen Icelandic Santas. Bergljót is a trained actress and a singer. She has appeared in films and on stage, and has worked in both radio and television. Bergljót has received numerous prizes and awards for her work.