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Cool Cuisine

Höfundur: Nanna Rögnvaldardóttir

Favourite traditional Icelandic dishes are brought to life in this inspirational cookbook. A mixture of old an new, combined with exellent ingredients, provides a collection of mouth-watering recipies. Learn how the Icelanders cook puffin, reindeer or simple delicacies like fresh fish from the clean waters around Icelnad or the famous Icelandic lamb, raised on aromatic mountain grasses and herbs. This book gives you a taste of Iceland’s coolest cusine with recipes which are easy to follow and fun to cook.

The author is Iceland’s best known food writer. She has written several cookbook bestsellers, including two large encyclopeadic volumes. Most of the recipes in this book have been used in her family for decades.

Verð 2.990 kr.

Gerð SíðurÚtgáfuárVerðMagn
Kilja - 2004 Verð 2.990 kr.
Vörunúmer: Á ekki við

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