Höfundar: Unnur Jökulsdóttir, Erlend og Orsoyla Haarberg

Iceland is a land of contrasts in many senses: light and darkness, ice and fire; the stillness of the empty wilderness counterposed against the wild surf pounding on the shore; while in the barren vastness of the interior scattered pockets of vegetation and flowers flourish in sheltered sanctuaries. The inhabitants of the island take these stark contrasts for granted, while visitors are astonished by the rich variety of Icelandic nature.

Photographers Erlend and Orsolya Haarberg fell in love with Iceland, and especially with the contrasts they perceived wherever they looked. They visited Iceland in both summer and winter, striving to travel off the beaten tourist track. And they have the patience and resourcefulness to capture images of unforgettable and extraordinary moments. The couple have won many international awards for their nature photography. Icelandic writer Unnur Jökulsdóttir contributes a text to complement these unforgettable photographs: informative and accessible, exploring Iceland’s nature, geology, wildlife and geological history.