The Defence Attorney

Gerð ÚtgáfuárSíðurVerðMagn
Rafbók 2023 1.490 kr.

The Defence Attorney

1.490 kr.

Gerð ÚtgáfuárSíðurVerðMagn
Rafbók 2023 1.490 kr.

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Supreme Court Lawyer Stefán Bjarnason is facing an uphill struggle in a rancorous custody case. An Icelandic mother has with her young daughter from the USA to Iceland in defiance court ruling. The father hires a team of former special forces operatives to retrieve the child. They befriend the mother, apply manner of trickery and try to abduct the little girl under cover darkness. When that operation misfires, the defence attorney in. Although fickle in his private life, Stefán Bjarnason is witted, slick and confident in his profession. Bit by bit the behind the dispute is revealed, involving dramatic events shake the lives of everyone affected. Defence Attorney is a thrilling novel, a crime drama about friendship, infidelity, abuse and cold-blooded murders, laced humour and sparkling irony.

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